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W.E. Nelson Stucco Co. expresses our gratitude to you for considering of our various stucco and EIFS related products and services. As you may know, W. E. Nelson is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Midwest for over 100 years. We believe one key to our success is our commitment to extending our family values to all of our clients.

From a simple repair to a full commercial project, W. E. Nelson incorporates our principles of excellence into all of our exterior systems combining our old world craftsmanship with new world technology. Over the years our services have expanded from traditional stucco and plaster to now include EIFS, stone, veneer and other related products.

The last century has brought many challenges and changes to our company as it has to the industry. Nevertheless, we believe that we have endured despite these impediments because we have built our company on a foundation based upon a simple, bedrock principle: Providing quality service to all our customers.

Unfortunately, quality service is often the missing element in many service related businesses. Accordingly, we at W. E. Nelson are determined to continue to make service our strength in all of our business relationships.

No doubt choosing a contractor can be challenging task for anybody. As such, we sincerely hope that our quality values and reputation will help to simplify this process. Based on our legacy and commitment to service, we believe W. E. Nelson is the best choice for you in hiring a full service stucco, EIFS, and stone-related contractor.